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Dual-Axis (no rotation)

When on/off axis rotation isn’t necessary the X1 provides a great alternative to the X1-R. It offers the same dual axis flexibility but with a smaller price tag. Not only can it be used to position a mic for tone laterally the second axis can also be used for phase alignment when multiple mics are being used on one source. It is a great for finding the sweetspot on guitar cabinets, bass cabinets, acoustic guitars, overheads, kick drums, pianos, cellos and anything else where mic placement matters.

Recommended* Pro Accessory Pack Includes:

Pro Accessory Pack - DynaMount

*Pro accessory pack (or similar) may be needed with the X1-R when using mics that have the XLR connector on the bottom (such as an AKG 414 or Royer 121). Extra clearance is needed for the cable to clear the bottom axis.


X1 Key Features:

Wi-Fi or USB Controlled

Adjust the position and orientation of any mounted microphone through Wi-Fi or USB.

Save Positions As Recallable Presets

With the push of a button you can save and return to up to 6 positions with extreme precision.

Use Your Stands & Mics

All 4 models work with most microphones and attach to any sturdy mic stand.

Versatile Mounting

With optional Accessory Pack, any DynaMount can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or even inverted.

High-Quality Aluminum Construction

Lightweight yet strong enough to support mics up to 5lbs.

Multi-Device Presets

Recallable presets can be saved for multiple devices simultaneously for ultimate flexibility.

Intuitive User Interface

Powerful yet streamlined apps allow you to use your smartphone, tablet or computer to adjust your mic placement.

Fine Tune To Perfection

Nudge buttons allow you to move in increments as small as 1/18″ (1.4mm).

Keyboard Hot Keys

Hone in on the sweet spot without even looking so you can focus entirely on tone.


Product Specifications:

Model: X1
Control Methods: Wi-Fi, USB
Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.75" x 14.75" x 4.75"
Weight: 3.4 lbs
Range of Motion (Axis-1): 5 1/2"
Range of Motion (Axis-2): 6 1/4"
Minimum Axial Nudge Increment (Axis-1): 1/18"
Minimum Axial Nudge Increment (Axis-2): 1/16"
Mounting Method: 5/8"-27 threads
*Max Mic Weight (horizontal/level use): 5 lbs
*Max Mic Weight (inclined/vertical/upside-down use): 2 lbs

*Maximum microphone weights assume a microphone approximately 6" in length with a clip 2.5" tall. Mics that are longer or have taller clips will have their maximum allowed weight reduced.

 For more information, please visit the X1 product page on our main website.


Use code:
at checkout to get free shipping on any DynaMount today! (U.S. only)

With DynaMount products you can

Forget Your Go-To Mic Placements.

While listening through your monitors, remotely adjust the microphone's position to dial in the sweet spot quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device.

  • Wi-Fi Controlled (USB capable as well)
  • Save Mic Positions As Recallable Presets
  • Easy & Precise A/B Comparisons
  • Works With Most Microphones & Stands
  • Free iOS, Android, & Chrome Apps
  • Strong Enough For Horizontal, Vertical, & Inclined Use
  • Nudge Buttons For Fine Tuning

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